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Only a few days until you can finally play Madden 18. We'll show which five Tight Ends of EA Sports received the best rating.

Rank 3: Jimmy Graham (Seattle Seahawks)

Overall Rating: 93
Awareness: 90
Speed: 85
Acceleration: 90
Agility: 87
Strength: 74

Rank 2: Travis Kelce (Kansas City Chiefs)

Overall Rating: 94
Awareness: 93
Speed: 85
Acceleration: 88
Agility: 87
Strength: 79

Rank 1: Rob Gronkowski (New England Patriots)

Overall Rating: 98
Awareness: 93
Speed: 83
Acceleration: 88
Agility: 85
Strength: 85
Madden NFL 18 is one of the most popular Football games in the world. All players hope that they have fun in matches, and their characters levelup or live very well in the game, which needs a lot of Madden 18 Coins to support their characters' leveling up in game. Buying Madden 18 Coins from coins seller is considered as an efficient way, but there are some questions bother many players: How to choose a reliable site?
Madden NFL 18, the new game in the American Football Games series of EA Sports, is getting a story mode.

The mode is called Longshot and is similar to The Journey mode in the Fifa games. Players crawl into the skin of a NFL protege playing in Texas and being recruited for the big league.

Play each match by following your selected specs from three new Game Styles, or play the best real-world matches every week on Play Now Live! With the introduction of even more ways to play, in conjunction with their modes, 'Madden Ultimate Team' and 'Franchise', this is a Madden like you've never seen
The latest NFL franchise Madden NFL 18 delivers an experience like never before. Madden NFL 18 changes category and gets graphics that make it the most beautiful Madden to date thanks to the power of the Frostbite engine. Experience stunning stadiums of beauty in beautiful urban settings and watch NFL games more spectacular and realistic than ever before.
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